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Beautiful Thing

Bl3u Designs

7 April
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I am a very special child in very few peoples lives. I am not skinny nor that attractive, but my heart is pure. I spend most of my time making my friends happy, other times I am drawing or reading. Travel is what I was born for! Since I was born I was jumping oceans. My dreams is to make money off my art so if you would like me to draw you something I will!

That being said, if you want to make my heart smile, show me something dealing with pandas or music I enjoy and I'll probably spam you with love.

I love my freedom. Which I suppose is why I enjoy art. Art is an expression of ones inner self. Alot of my works comprise of my favorite singers, or maybe a an ode to some favorite styles/genres. I will even pull scenes from books and fairytales.

My music intrests vary widely. I love everything from Uk pop, to heavy metal, to jrock, to kpop, and then back over to glam, and oldies. There are a few things i wont listen to though. If the song has too much slang in it (i.e most american hip hop and rap) then I will say no, it just makes no sense to me to make up words, throw them together with a beat and call it music.