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new project

so... two new projects.

i was tired of being the only one in my family whom apparently couldnt grow anything. my dad does beautiful landscapes, and my aunt is great with fruits an veggies.

im selfish. i want both

so i bought myself some seeds for strawberries and forget-me-nots.

its been 2 weeks and this is the results thus far

the second is an acutally marketing imma try

bags, felties..... i havent worked out all ill make but im optomistic.

this is my practice feltie

ive been dead i know

i got a new camera this past xmas XD im practicing

I hate moping

It seems all I can think of is how much I've fooled myself into believing I could have anything I wanted if I worked hard for it and was patient.

I'm having trouble understanding my purpose in the world, other then just making others happy. Idc if it seems selfish, but I want someone to make me happy for a change.

And right when it seems that I find it. The greater powers above say nooooo.

I know this is just a moodswing from being alone at work, and that by tomorrow I will be happy serving others. But that feelin of me not getting enough will be there.

I'm not sure that a bf/gf could fix this feeling. But it's the only thing I don't have and it's usually what I daydream about when I'm not thinking of different ways to not/die or what to do if the world ended.

It tears me open to see hapy couples on tv. Or to see my friends having happy relationships, then coming to me when they thinks all gonna turn to shit.

I will wait. For as long as I need to. Or as long as my sanity will hold

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Last day

We be dead

Wanna see what's in my bag?

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What do you wanna see?

Some more shots before I headed to the airport to pick up breann.

What a loverly couple they gave us lollies

Aww they are so cute!

It's who you know it is hahah <3 digimon

Haruhara haruko lol

Uncle k'nucky!!

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I'm being punish

Last night my car wouldn't start and now my computer is messing up. And I started my period.

Idk what I did wrong.... Why is karma being so mean all of a sudden on my one weekend off?

I will try with all my might to stay optimistic, but so far I'm upset.

Kit, pez, and dude

The loverly Iliana

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At the con man

Update update

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I made it

And the atmospere is energetic. I will be making updates consistantly. So be prepared for tons of pic posts.

This is my, I made it cowtown alive post.

I have found a couple people but, unfortunately alot of people aren't showing up to this con. The timing is all off. I think it's just too early in the month.

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I'm so bored hahha. Need people to visit me at work

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Hurrah rain

So this will be the first time at San japan where people aren't collapsing from heat.

In fact it's the opposite, we might all drow hahaha. Oh well I will have my umbrella so when I go out to find food where ever, I won't get too wet.

To any of those whom read this and are going to San japan, please pack for rain, even if it doesn't end up raining, it's good to be prepared. And to all those driving from another city. Please take your time. It's no worth rushing, the con will be there when ever it is you arrive. We all need to have fun, you can't do that in a hospital!

Since I will be making daily trips to and from I will take caution as well.

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